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2012 Ann Arbor Street Art Festival

Photo: Ryan J. Stanton

Looking for something to do with the kid(s) this weekend? The Ann Arbor Art Fair is upon us again (July 18-21), filled with sidewalk sales, family-friendly art activities, live musical performances, food vendors, and more!

The event—which actually consists of four separate but simultaneous art fairs, the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair, the State Street Area Art Fair, and the Ann Arbor South University Art Fair—will feature the work of 1,036 artists (representing 47 states and 3 coutnries) and draw an estimated 500,000 people to Ann Arbor.  For a more information and full coverage of the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2012, check out AnnArbor.com Mega Guide!

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