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Kidz Lits: Author Convo July

Our good friends over at Imagiread featured It’s me, Tyler for there Kidz Lits: Author Convo July! Check out the excerpts from the interview below and be sure to head over to Imagiread for the full interview!

I love a good story! I think the only thing I love better than a good story is the character that leaves an impression on you with their every thought, their every move and above all, their personality. I know it works the same way for our little people and it’s why this months Kidz Lits: Author Convo was carved out for the author of It’s Me, Tyler, Mark Askin.

Mark planted the seeds of It’s Me, Tyler in and around the local areas of Ann Arbor, Michigan. So far, Tyler has been well received and we are in awe of the progress Mark and Tyler have made with just the presence of the character. I caught up with Mark because I wanted to know a few things about Tyler. After all, Tyler and Tiem (It’s Water Time, Ma!) have tons in common and we want parents to remember that everything is possible in and with a book!

Here is what Mark had to say about everything he is working with and on… [CLICK TO READ FULL INTERVIEW]

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